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Strums Patterns and Play Along

Symbols and terms:

Numbers (1 2 3 4) = Down beat/quarter notes

+ (and) = Beat subdivision/eighth notes

D = Down strum

U = Up strum

(D) = Missed down strum

B = Bass note(s) of the chord

X = Raked/muted

R = Rest/silence

> = Accented beat (played louder)

Strums - A.png
A1 60bpm
A2 60bpm
A3 60bpm
A4 60bpm
A5 60bpm
Strums - B.png
B1 60bpm
B2 60bpm
B3 60bpm
B4 60bpm
B5 60bpm
Strums - C.png
C1 60bpm
C2 60bpm
C3 60bpm
C4 60bpm
C5 60bpm
Strums - D.png
D1 60bpm
D2 60bpm
D3 60bpm
D4 60bpm
D5 60bpm
Strums - E.png
E1 60bpm
E2 60bpm
E3 60bpm
E4 60bpm
E5 60bpm
Strums - F.png
F1 60bpm
F2 60bpm
F3 60bpm
F4 60bpm
F5 60bpm
Strums - G.png
G1 60bpm
G2 60bpm
G3 60bpm
G4 60bpm
G5 60bpm
Strums - H.png
H1 60bpm
H2 60bpm
H3 60bpm
H4 60bpm
H5 60bpm
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